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Special Shoes Movement




The SSHOES project addresses the development and demonstration of new sustainable production capabilities for diabetic feet and fashion high added value consumer-centred product concepts, such as footwear and insoles. In particular, the project aims at the design and definition of industrial paradigms and infrastructures relating to the footwear industry, which is characterised by large numbers of traditional SMEs facing global competition. The aim is to capitalise on new competitive strategies based on demand product differentiation and customisation, in order to deliver high quality products to individual consumers.


Specific RTD topics addressed by the project include research on:

- innovative 3D integrated digitization, design tools and solutions addressing customisation with regards to biomechanical and biomedical aspects, taking into account style and aesthetics features;

- adaptive production processes and technologies that guarantee functionality, quality, performance and health-care;

- micro and nano-devices providing the product with innovative sensing and actuating functionalities, such as comfort, ease-of-use, control and modification of product characteristics (thermal properties, pressure distribution);

- innovative high-performance materials with self-adaptive properties for the optimal fitting to consumers’ physique and ergonomics, whilst guaranteeing comfort and aesthetic quality;

- materials and production processes to achieve full eco-sustainability of the product;

- development of specific methodology for functional assessment of products considering environment of use and individual consumers;

- dynamic human behaviour modelling, in particular lower limb (feet).


Fact Sheet:

Project acronym: SSHOES

Project full title: SPECIAL SHOES MOVEMENT

G.A. Ref.: NMP-2008-SME-2-R.229261

Start Date: 1st July 2009

Duration: 36 months

Total Budget: 4,874.025€

EU Contribution: 3,509.000€