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Special Shoes Movement

The RTD approach and objectives of SSHOES project will lead to results (knowledge, products, processes, methods, etc.) in line with the sustainable development paradigm, concerning namely public health, consumer safety, environmental protection and the societal dimensions.


Comfort, health, welfare, affordability and sustainability are some of the quality and service-to customer attributes targeted. The integrating effort is based on the development of an engineering framework for both footwear products & processes that combine new knowledge-based design and production technologies, new functional high-tech devices/components and advanced materials, in order to meet consumers’ requirements/needs.


Amongst others, the main objectives of the SSHOES project are:


-       development and demonstration of customised product concepts especially aimed at diabetic feet (notably, footwear and insoles),

-       creation of an engineering framework for both footwear products & processes, by combining RTD activities in the fields of diabetic and fashion footwear and advanced design  KB tools and materials

-       study, assessment and use of innovative high-performance materials with self-adaptive properties, without  disregarding comfort and aesthetic quality;

-       assessment of materials and production processes to achieve full eco-sustainable product concepts;

-       development of a specific methodology for the functional assessment of products considering environment of use and individual consumers’ requirements;

-       creation of a technology framework for the digital engineering of customised diabetic footwear and insole products.